Staffing is a powerful and sacred experience. Women witnessing and holding space for other women is an ancient and honored tradition. As a staff member, you help to create and hold the container for other women to experience the transformational power of the Woman Within Weekend.

Women who staff are rewarded with many gifts in return — continued growth, learning new skills, deep connection with other women and the energy that flows when women come together to form a circle of healing.

Staffing is a commitment — in time, energy and money. If you are interested in staffing, review the staffing policy and requirements.

Staffing Requirements

  • Completed the Woman Within Weekend.
  • Completed Woman Within Staff Training (formerly called One Day Staff Training) for all staff positions.
  • Completed Woman Within Skills Workshop (formerly called Women Empowering Women — WEW) is required for nurturer, small group leader, assistant team leader, team leader and facilitation team member.
  • Committed to continued personal growth. It is critical that each staff member commit to doing her individual work apart from the Woman Within Weekend so that she can be fully present and available for participants in the program.
  • Attend the Celebration following the Woman Within Weekend. Out of town staff are exempt.

We are excited to offer a three-tiered fee structure for staffing the Woman Within Weekend in order to make staffing more accessible. The average cost for your room and board is $360 ($120 a night); WWC welcomes and appreciates your ability to pay as much of the actual cost as you can. If you have the ability to pay more, your generosity will assist women in need of financial support. If you have questions, please email Nicole Cox, Staffing Coordinator at
  • Staffing Fee – Abundance Support – $340
  • Staffing Fee – General Support – $290
  • Staffing Fee – Sister Support – $240

Staffing Policy & Process

  • The Woman Within Central USA staffing committee selects staff from a pool of qualified applicants.
  • Staff selection is based on a number of factors including qualifications to fill leadership roles, relationship with a woman who is participating in the Weekend, prior staffing experience, certification in CPR and First Aid, service to an organization in the Woman Within Network, and number of times available to staff in a year.
  • Each staff applicant is notified by email no later than 30 days prior whether she has been confirmed to staff or is placed on an alternate list in the event additional staff are needed.
  • Woman Within welcomes all women and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Contact: Nicole Cox, Staffing Coordinator
Phone: 312-515-9341

Be accountable for the commitment you make to staff — select the Weekend(s) you are applying to staff and keep a record of the dates. Notify the Staffing Coordinator as soon as possible if your availability changes prior to the Weekend(s) you have applied to staff.

Updated COVID Protocol:

      • We will not be asking staff or participants to test prior to attending the weekend
      • We will have test available for staff or participants who chose to self test
      • We ask that you not attend the weekend if you are feeling sick

We have changed the staffing application form and are now using the Google Form below, once submitted you will receive an email with a copy of your application. If approved to staff you will be contacted by Nicole Cox, Staffing Coordinator

If you require financial assistance please contact the Staffing Coordinator, Nicole Cox for further details.

Click Here for the Staffing Application Form

Contact Nicole Cox, Staffing Coordinator
Phone: 312-515-9341

Register for the upcoming Virtual One Day Staffing Training on March 23rd

The Woman Within Staff Training is required for those wishing to staff the Woman Within Weekend for the first time.

You will learn what goes on behind the scenes, including information on various segments throughout the weekend, how to take care of yourself and, most importantly, how to tap into your own wise woman to be present for the participants on the Weekend. After participating in this training you are eligible to apply to staff anywhere in the Woman Within International network.

Date: March 23, 2024

Time: 10:30am-4:30pm Eastern/9:30am-3:30pm Central

Leaders: Becky Schupbach and Cammy Sutter

Cost: $50

Register Here:

Learn the skills involved in staffing, including:

  • The timeline of the Weekend
  • The staff roles on the Weekend
  • The Weekend processes and how to support the team in doing them
  • How to prepare the goal card
  • How to be present and in containment with the participants
  • How to tap into your own wise woman to be present for the women on the Weekend

This training is open to all Woman Within Weekend graduates, including those who are not yet ready to commit to staffing as well as those who have staffed several times.  We strongly recommend registering for this training if you haven’t staffed in five years or more to learn the most up to date information and processes.

This Training will take place online, via Zoom. You’ll need to set up a free Zoom account and familiarize yourself with the Zoom application. You’ll need a desktop, laptop or pad computer that has a camera, microphone and speaker. Please do not take part using your phone: you’ll need to be able to read on-screen documents and see all of the other participants using Zoom’s gallery view. To download Zoom, go to To see some Zoom tips.

Questions? Contact Marilyn Watts, Director of Programming at: or 619-756-8604