We host a variety of Woman Within International and regionally-based workshops to provide women with continued opportunities for growth, self discovery, and empowerment.


Find out more about all the exciting workshops being offered by Woman Within International: https://womanwithin.org/programs/workshops/

Woman Within Circle Training

Woman Within Staff Training

Required prior to staffing a Woman Within Weekend. Learn what goes on behind the scenes, be present, and stay in containment with the participants. Most importantly, discover how to tap into your own “wise woman”. For additional information, please contact Director of Training, Mary Ann Armour, at 314-954-3822 or maarmour@sbcglobal.net.

Woman Within Skills Workshop

Woman Within Skills Workshop

A workshop devoted to continued personal growth as well as leadership skills. Learn how to empower other women in their journeys towards healing and wholeness. This is a requirement for staffing some positions for the Woman Within Weekends. For a complete description of the Skills Workshop, visit Woman Within International.

Woman Within Weekend 2

Woman Within Level 2

Offered by Woman Within International. A five-day intensive training based on the archetypes of women and how the shadow and light sides affect our lives. This is a requirement in the facilitation and team leader tracks for the Woman Within Weekends. For a complete description, visit Woman Within International.

Partner Programs

The ManKind Project, USA

Unpacking power, privilege, and difference – Embracing Differences for Advocacy and Empowerment – https://mkpusa.org/unpacking/