Woman to Woman Midwest is committed to supporting diverse communities of women who have come together to share the transformational power of this work. There are a number of established communities and developing communities of Woman Within graduates within the Midwest region.

Each community is unique and community offerings may include:

  • Woman Within/Empowerment Circles for Woman Within graduates
  • Celebrations to honor new graduates of the Woman Within Weekend
  • Open houses, open circles and other events for women who are interested in learning more about Woman Within
  • Programs and events for women
  • Social gatherings
  • Activities and programs co-sponsored with the Mankind Project
  • We invite you to connect with the community closest to you by calling or e-mailing the women listed below.

Community Community Contact

Chicago, IL
Mary Berg 847-738-0716 – Woman Within Contact
Mary Berg 847-738-0716 – E-Circle Contact

Quincy, IL
Judy Sharp 660-342-1454 – Woman Within Contact

Rockford, IL
Kathy Cox 815-494-0035 – Woman Within Contact
Kathy Cox 815-494-0035 – E-Circle Contact

Fort Wayne, IN
Char Hoffman 260-413-9268 – Woman Within Contact
Amy Coursen 260-744-3496 – E-Circle Contact

Indianapolis, IN
Ellen Krause 317-3403915 – Woman Within Contact
Marcia Stone 317-652-8828 – E-Circle Contact

Fairfield, IA
Geralyn Brossart 641-233-7800- Woman Within Contact
Geralyn Brossart 641-233-7800 – E-Circle Contact

Sioux City, IA
Janet Dennison 712-490-6346 – Woman Within Contact
Janet Dennison 712-490-6346 – E-Circle Contact

Lexington, KY
Sage Sharpe 859-806-5669 – Woman Within Contact
Sage Shape 859-806-5669 – E-Circle Contact

Louisville, KY
Peggy Foley 502-356-2347 – Woman Within Contact
Peggy Foley 502-356-2347 – E-Circle Contact

Tracy Leavenworth – Woman Within Contact
Lynne Newell Nelson 651-451-9863 – E-Circle Contact

St. Louis, MO
Joanne Mahler 314-521-2699 – Woman Within Contact
Meg McClelland 314-724-0425 – E-Circle Contact

Cincinnati, OH
Anne Halkyard 513-432-8964 – Woman Within Contact
Anne Halkyard 513-432-8964 – E-Circle Contact

Kathy Cox  – Woman Within Contact

All Other Communities
Meg McClelland 314-724-0425

If your area isn’t listed above please contact Meg McClelland at 314-724-0425.

To find communities outside the Midwest region, email the Woman Within International office.