Woman to Woman Midwest is committed to supporting diverse communities of women who have come together to share the transformational power of this work. There are a number of established communities and developing communities of Woman Within graduates within the Midwest region.

Each community is unique and community offerings may include:

  • Woman Within Circles for Woman Within graduates
  • Celebrations to honor new graduates of the Woman Within Weekend
  • Open houses, open circles and other events for women who are interested in learning more about Woman Within
  • Programs and events for women
  • Social gatherings
  • Activities and programs co-sponsored with the Mankind Project
  • We invite you to connect with the community closest to you by calling or emailing the women listed below.
Woman Within Circle Training

Community Community Contact (Click on person’s name to send an email)

Chicago, IL
Hilda Raisner 847-562-6050 – Woman Within Contact
Hilda Raisner 847-562-6050 – Circle Contact

Rockford, IL
Kathy Cox 815-494-0035 – Woman Within Contact
Kathy Cox 815-494-0035 – Circle Contact

Fort Wayne, IN
Char Hoffman 260-413-9268 – Woman Within Contact
Char Hoffman 260-413-9268 – Circle Contact

Indianapolis, IN
Ellen Krause 317-340-3915 – Woman Within Contact
Ellen Krause 317-340-3915 – Circle Contact

Fairfield, IA
Narayani Om 978-514-1484- Woman Within Contact
Narayani Om 978-514-1484 – Circle Contact

Sioux City, IA
Janet Dennison 712-490-6346 – Woman Within Contact
Janet Dennison 712-490-6346 – Circle Contact

Tracy Evans 502-472-8282 – Woman Within Contact
Tracy Evans 502-472-8282 – Circle Contact

Lynne Nelson 651-983-0247 – Woman Within Contact
Kim Ury 651-895-4543 – Circle Contact

St. Louis, MO
Joanne Mahler 314-920-2261 – Woman Within Contact
Joanne Mahler 314-920-2261 – Circle Contact

Cincinnati, OH
Tara Robinson 513-317-4757 – Woman Within Contact
Tara Robinson 513-374-2100 – Circle Contact

All Other Communities
email circledir.womanwithin.centralusa@gmail.com

If your area isn’t listed above please contact WW Central Circle Director

To find communities outside the Midwest region, email the Woman Within International office.