Board of Directors

Joan Naughton
Joan NaughtonPresident
JoAnne Antoine (Zintel)
JoAnne Antoine (Zintel)Treasurer
Lisa Spinker
Lisa SpinkerSecretary
Katey Berg
Katey BergDirector of Communications
Victoria Hammel
Victoria HammelDirector of Programming
Barbara Hays
Barbara HaysDirector At-Large
Charlotte Williams
Charlotte WilliamsDirector At-Large
Mary Ann Armour
Mary Ann ArmourEx Officio (Non-Voting) Members Director of Training
Debra Cohen
Debra CohenRegistrar

About the Board

The Woman Within Central USA Board consists of members from multiple states within the region. With diverse skills and experience, Board members conduct business in person, via teleconference, and by email. The Nominating Committee searches for qualified candidates. A Board term is two years long. In-person Board meetings are held once per year. Serving on the Board is a way of to deeply connect with growing the organization.