The Woman Within Central USA Board consists of 7-12 Board members from various states in the region. Serving on the Board is a way of becoming more deeply connected to growing the organization and spreading the transformational power of the Woman Within Weekends within the Central USA region.

In-person Board meetings are held once per year. Between in-person meetings, Board members conduct business via teleconferences and e-mails.

The Board is comprised of women with a variety of skills and experience to manage the various functions in the region as well as conduct general business of the Board. Board terms are for two years. A Nominating Committee is responsible for searching for qualified candidates to fill open positions as well as Board positions which are expiring.

For volunteer opportunities with Woman Within Central USA contact: Victoria Hammel

Board of Directors

Victoria Hammel

Vice President
Charlotte Williams

JoAnn Antoine (Zintel)

Joan Naughton

Director of Communications
Katey Berg

Director of Community Affairs/Circle Liaison
Meg McClelland

Director At-Large
Barbara Hays

Ex Officio (non voting) Members
Director of Training
Mary Ann Armour

Debra Cohen