Online Open Sofia Circle (Every 4th Sunday) with Joanne Mahler

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Come and join our circle of Crones—women who have reached the age of 50 for the monthly Sofia Circle Online! (Sophia means “wisdom” in the Greek language.)
Joanne must hear from at least 5 women by the Saturday before each meeting in order for the circle to take place.  The Zoom link will be posted via email to the StL and WW Central lists* if the meeting is taking place.
This circle does not operate like a traditional circle.  Rather, for each gathering, I will present an article or reading that pertains to the wisdom years.  After that, all who are present are welcome to share responses to the article, or share about whatever might be going on in their lives.
Quarterly, we have a “Crelder” meeting, which is a combination of the women Crones and MKP Elders (Crone + Elder = Crelder).  Those circles are a lovely, rich mix of combined elder wisdom.
Circle Guide:  Joanne Mahler
Mission:  To create a safe space for elders to share the changes that are happening in their lives, and to empower others to do the same.
Contact Joanne Mahler at  jsunseeker@icloud.comto be added to the ST Louis email list and contact the WW Central Director of Communications at to be added to the WW Central Email list
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