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DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin


In 2015, the first Gathering of Women was held in the St. Louis area. It attracted nearly 70 women from 7 states. You can be part of the second Gathering, open to women who have—and have not—completed the Woman Within Weekend. Bring your friends and family!
Join us at DeKoven Center, a historic site one block from Lake Michigan. It offers a beautiful setting, delicious food and comfortable accommodations.

2017 Gathering of Women

OPENING SESSION—Women’s Voices of Resilience with Victoria Hammel – North Dakota, Esther Robinson – Wisconsin and Ekua Charlotte Williams – Illinois

Resilience is a way of facing and understanding the world that is deeply etched into a person’s mind and soul. It can enable you to survive times of enormous stress and change triggered by loss, illness, abuse, injustice, trauma, relationship problems, work and financial distress.  Resilient doesn’t mean you don’t experience difficulty and emotional pain.  You do, AND you face down reality, make meaning of hardship, and build bridges to a fuller, better future.

Come, listen, share and learn from women who have learned to walk the path of resilience in the presence of seemingly unbearable tragedy and adversity.  Understand how you draw on resilience today, new ways of activating it and how to choose what will best serve you.


  • Attitude of Gratitude  with Meg McCelland – Missourri
  • We Are What We Eat: Food & Spirituality with Sarah Bussell – Wisconsin
  • Our Protectors With A “Bad Rep”: Another Point of View with Carol Kahn – Wisconsin
  • A “Taste” of Gender Equality and Reconciliation with Jeri Malone – Missouri
  • Shamanic Techniques for Everyday Use with  Joanne Mahler – Missouri
  • Hearing the Wisdom of our Inner Archetypes with Becky Schupbach – Kentucky
  • Open Circle with Debra Cohen – Illinois
  • Cross Gender Communication with Katey Berg and Celeste Cinquino – Illinois
  • Archetypes and Art – A Road Map Inside with Kathy Cox – Illinois

Recognizing and Removing Barriers to True Diversity with Ekua Charlotte Williams – Illinois and Becky Schupbach – Kentucky

In a world where many seem intent on creating divisions between us and demeaning or marginalizing women, persons of color, LGBTQ individuals and certain religions or ethnicities, we cannot afford to be silent or complicit.

The purpose of this session is to give us insights and tools to recognize and change our patterns of unintentional discrimination.  It is not enough to say we want greater diversity and inclusion.  Only by being brave enough to look at our habits, our belief systems and patterns, to feel our own discomfort, and to make a conscious  choice to change will we learn to give up the way those patterns are serving us and holding us back from true community.

The Vagina Monologues” written by Eve Ensler, directed by Victoria Hammell – North Dakota and followed by a discussion lead by Carol Kahn – Wisconsin

Cultivating Civility and Compassion in Relationships and Organizations with Mary Ann Armour – Missouri, Joan Naughton – Illinois and Kathy Entrup – Illinois

Have you been experiencing or observing less civility and compassion in relationships, groups and organizations? What do you think makes it more difficult for civility and compassion to flourish when we come together in our families, neighborhoods, workplace and organization? How are dissension, disrespect and rancor in our culture impacting the quality of your life?

How can YOU grow a spirit of respect, civility, compassion and cooperation in your interactions?  What do you need to let go of to support that happening?  What do you need to draw on from within yourself to practice consistent civility and compassion even in contentious situations? Join us for an exploration of how you can cultivate respect, love and hope during your time on this planet.

Silent Auction –There will be sparkling tables of donated treasure to bid on while you attend The Gathering.

We are partnering with local businesses and community members to raise funds to subsidize tuition for women who might not otherwise be able to attend a Woman Within Weekend.

Sunrise Ceremony with Joanne Mahler – Missouri

Movement Sessions – Early morning opportunities to move our bodies and regenerate energy for the day.

Body Work Sessions – Friday afternoon and evening opportunities for Massage or Reki therapy (for a fee) provided by professionals from within and outside our community. Signup will be available at a later date.

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PACKAGE A—Full Weekend Package
$195 by June 1 $225 after June 1
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PACKAGE B—Saturday & Sunday Package
$175 by June 1 $205 after June 1
Includes lodging on Saturday night, based on two or three to a room; lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast on Sunday; access to hot and cold beverage bar; and all sessions and activities.

PACKAGE C—Commuter Package—includes all sessions and activities with no lodging
$125 by June 1 $155 after June 1
Includes all sessions and activities; lunch and dinner on Saturday; access to hot and cold beverage bar; and all session and activities.

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