MKP- Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Difference 8 Week Training (6/10/21 – 7/29/21) 7pm-10pm CDT / 8pm-11pm EDT

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Embracing Differences for Advocacy and Empowerment

This is a training for developing intercultural competency designed for all people with a background in soulful work like that done in the ManKind Project, Woman Within International, HER, Women in Power, UnderstandMen, Animas Valley Institute, Illuman, Evryman, and others.

Learning a model of multicultural awareness – to provide a common language and common ground for multicultural dialogue and relationships. We are doing this urgent and essential multicultural work so that we can have cogent, meaningful, and deep discourse at a time when understanding one another is the only way we can move forward. We will do exercises to experience how the “isms” live in our bodies, practice together to explore the model’s effectiveness, and put together a toolkit that may be useful in our daily interactions.

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